Well It Worked For Me

I can’t remember when I started composing articles in my head whilst in the shower, but I do know it’s been happening for a good while now. Not every day, not even every week, but every so often I hear the strange voice in my thoughts that clearly thinks it’s talking to an audience outside the confines of my head (assuming of course my head is actually where that voice is coming from; it certainly seems like it is).

So today I embark on this new experience of outing those inner dialogues in a format where they actually may be of use to other people, out there, in the real world.

Water cascading from a shower head
Image by Chandler Cruttendon via Unsplash

So what did work for me?

Exactly what I’ll be writing about here is something I’m currently working through. I’ve started by trying to export from my head all those ideas I’ve had that didn’t go straight down the drain with the shampoo. They seem to focus around productivity, change, organisation and well-being; so I guess that’s where I’ll start.

I had previously been thinking about creating a blog or a Facebook page to share my internal musings and ‘Well, It Worked For Me’ was the title I played with for a while. So that’s the thinking behind my first story here on Medium.

Now let’s see whether this does indeed work for me…



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Lara Savory

Lara Savory

Reviewing the way I live, the choices I make & the things I discover. Sharing in case my thoughts are useful to others. Publishing weekly(ish).