To Write or Not to Write?

I’m struggling to write again just now.

Well clearly it’s more complex than that as I’ve just managed a sentence, in fact two now.

But I’m struggling to work out what to write.

When I started writing here last year it was definitely just about getting the ideas out of my head. As I’ve gone on and realised a few people are actually reading what I’m writing I’ve somehow become more self-conscious; I’m second guessing what other people might be interested in and as a result I’m not writing for myself any more.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s encountered this issue, so any thoughts about how you’ve tackled it would be gratefully received in the responses!

I think for now I’m going to focus on writing something each week, but not necessarily publishing anything. That way I can go back to writing for myself and if something comes out that I feel might be interesting to others I can develop it into a full article.

Text on window: your ideas matter. Write them down

I’m going to try to log in and write every day, even if I only add another sentence and then review and edit at the weekend, deciding at that point whether or not to publish.

Of course I can always publish but not share, so if people stumbled upon something that I thought was only interesting to me and they happen to take something away from it then that’s a bonus!

Let’s see what happens…



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