The Magic of eReaderIQ

It’s so difficult to resist a bargain. And a 99p Kindle book is a fabulous bargain.

Lara Savory
2 min readDec 14, 2023
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I’ve been using a Kindle for several years now, and although I still love a physical book, the attraction of both portability and easy access to content keep me using my Kindle on a regular basis.

I went through a stage where I would regularly look for 99p deals on the Amazon website. But that meant I was buying rather indiscriminately so I changed tack when I discovered the wonder that is ( for US).

Here you can search for a book by title and/author or paste in the Amazon link and then set a notification for when the Kindle version of that book drops below the price you’ve set. I set mine at £1 and now get an email when any book that I’m tracking is available for 99p.

To help me make sure I am tracking all the books I want to read I set up a Kindle collection called ‘To track’. When I’ve read a sample that I want to purchase I move it to this collection so that the next time I’m on the eReaderIQ site I know which books to add. Accessing the collection directly from Amazon means I can just copy and paste in the URL of the required book.

I then have a second collection called ‘Tracking’ that I move those books to once they’ve been added to my eReaderIQ list; that way I know I’ve processed them.

Finally, when I buy the book I remove it from the Tracking collection (and add it to another one where relevant).

This system works really well for me and I really enjoy getting notifications of those books when they become available. I’m also not buying such an overwhelming number of Kindle books.

And I review my tracking list from time to time if I’m running out of things to read and want to see if there’s a book that I’d like to purchase at a higher price. No, I’m joking; I never run out of things to read as my to read list is far too long!

If you decide eReaderIQ is for you then I encourage you to make them a payment everyone so often when you’ve bought a few books. They’ve saved you a lot of money on getting books that you really want to read so it’s good to give something back.



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