Reviewing the Reason for Writing

Lara Savory
2 min readJan 4, 2023
Window with writing: Your ideas matter. Write them down :)
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I started writing on Medium in March 2021 as I’d got to a stage where making speeches to an imagined audience in my head about a variety of topics just wouldn’t cut it any more. At that point I knew there were a variety of things I wanted to share, mainly about my approach to life, not in any grand sense of the phrase but more in the everyday behaviour that I had that helped things run smoothly.

In the time since then, I’ve run out of those topics. I’ve said the things I wanted to say. But I still want to write.

On Medium I feel like I need to only share writing that has a clear sense of audience; I suppose I’m still trying to write to those people in my head. Writing here feels formal to me, something that I need to shape in a specific way.

When I found Post at the end of last year I discovered a freer way of writing. It felt more that I was writing in a way that allowed me to share things I’d talk about with people who I was getting to know. That allowed me to be less concerned about shaping a piece of writing that was aimed at my previously invented audience, and more to focus on sharing my thoughts and seeing where that would take me.

Currently (inspired by someone on Post) I am trying to get into a daily writing habit. I’m either writing straight on to Post or (as I’m doing at the moment) writing in a document and then deciding what to do with it next.

So my plan for the next two months is to experiment with my ideas offline or on Post and then to review them every couple of weeks and see if there is anything that I can build on to share as an article here.

If you want to see my ongoing thoughts then you can find them at

Let’s see how this goes…



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