Reflecting on Kindness

Lara Savory
Dec 21, 2023

While listening to an episode of On with Kara Swisher where she interviews Adam Grant the following advice when talking to your children really struck me:

Ask your children who did you help this week - this will increase their awareness of opportunities to help and be kind.


Ask your children who helped them this week - this will focus them on who are the kind people rather than just who are the popular children.

I don't have children so can't comment on this, but changing your attention does seem to have a powerful effect so I can't see that it could do any harm.

Silhouette of girl holding umbrella over another child
Image via J W on Unsplash

And why stop at children, it's never too late to increase our own kindness and awareness of kindness. Maybe we should be asking ourselves the same questions?



Lara Savory

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