I like to organise, plan, reflect and learn. So those are the sort of topics you'll generally find me writing about.

My work is in software development focused on products from a user perspective. (If I say I'm a product manager it conjurs up technical abilities that I do not possess!) It's a long way from the teacher and school leader that I used to be.

I use Medium to get the ideas out of my head. Having them read is a great bonus.

And I do enjoy a metaphor!

Thanks for stopping by. I don't always follow back but I do always go and check your About page and read a few of your articles (if I can find any that don't require membership) before I make that decision.

I'm currently spending most of my writing time at https://post.news/reallara but I do intend to keep publishing here too.

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Lara Savory

Lara Savory

Reviewing the way I live, the choices I make & the things I discover. Sharing in case my thoughts are useful to others. Publishing a couple of times a month.